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  • For many years Larry Johnson visited Lempster during the summer and created notebooks with photographs and descriptions of many gravestones in the East Lempster Cemetery and maps showing their location.  In some instances he noted personal or family background of the deceased from other sources. Upon his death land was bequeathed to the town from his estate, with the understanding that the income be used to support the cemetery in ways that go beyond routine maintenance.

    Darcie Shepard, Lempster Community School, with the assistance of students, completed the project of scanning Larry Johnson’s notebooks that were completed at the time of his death. The Lempster Cemetery Trustees set up this site to make his work available to the public.

    The document entitled “Process Information” provides an overview of Mr. Johnson’s organizational system. It is best to read this document prior to attempting to find information. The “Cemetery Image” shows an aerial view of the cemetery and how he divided it into sections corresponding to his notebooks. The “Table of Contents” shows the names of those buried at the cemetery, the section of the cemetery where their grave can be located, and related information.

    The Trustees have been given access to Mr. Johnson’s unfinished work. The Trustees plan to review and scan this information as they are able and make it available in the future on this site. At this time, notebooks that include portions of sections A, B, C and F have been scanned and are linked below.